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Roblox Police Officer Empty Roblox Police Officer

on Tue Aug 07, 2018 3:37 pm

Roblox Police Officers possess their duties and responsibilities. The role of Police officer to prevent Prisoners, Arrest criminals and put them back in Jail. There are so many kinds of games in Roblox which creates more interest in players to play a number of games in Roblox.

One of the interesting things among the people who play Roblox becomes a Police officer in Roblox? Now, it's so easy to be the police officer in this 3D gaming world. Some new players can also make some money.

Being a Police Officer, you will be equipped with Pistole, Taser, Keycards, Hand Cuffs, and Other Weapons. 
Police Officers should receive notifications whenever prisoners trying to pickpocket or Pickpocketed from Police officer. Roblox Cops can arrest prisoners if Anyone can try to punch a Police officer or Punched the Roblox, Attempt to Pickpocket.

Here is a small warning to the players who play Cop's role in Roblox. If the Police can try to arrest or shoot the innocent people they will be losing $25. OR
If a police officer arrests innocent people 4 times or kills 4 innocent prisoners, they will become a prisoner themselves as a punishment. So, Roblox Police Officers can arrest or Punish criminals and who break the rules.
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